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Joining a VIP member will bring you more advantages and get a dedicated one-to-one service


Quickly start e-commerce operations, allowing you to focus on customer sales

We help you to synchronize the new products on Shopee and Lazada, handle the tedious process, you can customize the price and profit, and focus on sales and service to customers.

We believe that focusing on customer service is the key to success and we can start selling in the shortest possible time.We will assist you in selecting hot-selling products, putting them on shelves, processing orders, order shipping and packaging.


Popular new products on the shelves every week

Based on big data analysis and seasonal forecasts, we strictly select high-quality manufacturers, select popular new products and hot-selling products, and update them on the shelves every week, so that you can grasp the latest and most feverish items in real time.

Commodity updates are synchronized, which will help you handle all commodity descriptions, photos, functions and benefits.


Docking platform


Zero stocking, low risk, buy at wholesale price

You don't need to stock up, there is no inventory risk, and you can buy directly at the factory wholesale price, and start the e-commerce business at the lowest cost.


One-piece delivery

Sell ​​first and get the goods later. There is no minimum order quantity for each item. Even if there is only one item, we will help you ship it to the customer.


Automatic order processing

You can authorize us to automatically process the orders of Shrimp and Lazada, saving the time of order processing.We will deduct the payment from your stored value, and we will notify you when the balance is insufficient, and you can see the data of each transaction.


Fast shipping

All items on the shelves are in stock and shipped within 48 hours.


Dedicated service

We provide one-to-one dedicated service, and support you to open a store, help you manage the transformation of e-commerce, and assist partners who want to start a part-time business.



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