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XNUMX. Contact us

Monday to Friday (excluding national holidays) AM10:00~PM6:00, we will handle it for you as soon as possible.
Email: service@666.supply
Phone: 0963625299


XNUMX. Payment instructions

Users in Taiwan can pay through the following methods
1. Credit card payment (VISA.JCB.Mostercard)
2. ATM transfer (you can choose your bank to save handling fee)
3. Super business payment payment (to the 4 major supermarkets, pay by machine and ship after payment)


Three, shipping instructions

Factory direct shipping to Taiwan
1. SF Express direct delivery NT$150 (shipped after payment), and the goods will arrive within 2-4 days under normal circumstances.
2. NT$120 (shipped after payment) for collection by air freight, delivery within 2-7 days under normal circumstances.
The above freight is a fixed freight for one-time delivery (regardless of weight).

• Shipped on the same day under normal circumstances.
• Excludes holidays, national holidays, natural disasters, customs clearance and other factors.
• The collection time in remote areas will be extended, and the outer islands will be shipped to Taiwan's forwarding post office.
• Temporary shortage of goods (out of stock) will be notified separately.
• The products are shipped directly from the manufacturer, and the price and shipping costs of the products do not include local import taxes.


Four, return and exchange instructions

1. The product will be inspected in detail before shipment. If there is any defect or the wrong product is sent, we will refund/exchange the product.
2. If there is any defective product, please email or contact customer service within 7 days after receiving the product. Please be sure to check after the buyer receives the product.
3. Defective return: contact customer service → upload picture (message) → review → reply → return/exchange
4. After the defective product is confirmed by the customer service, we will reply to your follow-up refund procedure.
5. For any returned goods, please confirm with the customer service staff before sending it out, otherwise it will not be accepted.
6. The returned goods must be kept in the complete packaging when they are received, and no human traces of use, malfunction, damage, scratches, dirt, odor, or moisture shall be allowed, and all goods (including goods, accessories, accessories, gifts, inner and outer packaging shall be returned) .
7. Labels, hang tags, or other packaging materials with original factory words are the main products. Please return them in full. If they are missing, defaced, or the gifts are not attached or damaged, the return service cannot be accepted.
8. Please contact customer service within 7 days, overdue will not be accepted after 7 days.
9. The return/exchange refuses to collect the freight on delivery.

The following situations do not belong to the scope of return/exchange:
1. I feel that the product: too thick, too thin, too big, too small, different from the picture or different from what you imagined... and other reasons for return. 
2. Does not affect the product itself: such as small spots and small stains. 
3. The real object is slightly different from the picture, such as corners, hang tags, and fineness of workmanship.
4. Return/Exchange: If the return is not within the scope of the return, you need to ask SF Express to pick up the package yourself and send it back to the warehouse address of "Guangzhou/Shenzhen". The round-trip postage must be borne by yourself.


Five, refund processing

• Refund process: When we receive the message that you need to return the goods, we will assign logistics recycling and confirm that the goods can be refurbished and sold again, we will proceed with the refund process.

1. Credit card: If you are paying by credit card, we will help you with the refund through a third-party cash flow.
2. ATM remittance: If you use ATM to pay, please also inform you which financial institution you need to return the money to when you apply for the return.Bank, branch, account number, account name, the above four items, please be sure to provide all of them, no refund can be made without any of them.