Fashion European and American rose gold powder gradient diamond lattice bedroom door living room kitchen floor mat carpet dt0395

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Face: Flannel crystal super soft fabric, mite-free technology, short hair, no dust, good stain resistance
Non-fading and washable foot-feel design

Bottom: non-slip plastic point non-slip outsole, non-stick floor, non-yellowing

Hemming: satin strip hemming is strong and durable

Inside: high-quality felt is not deformed, very soft and comfortable on the feet

1. The color of the bottom and the non-slip dotted pattern will vary according to each batch. The bottom is generally divided into different colors such as gray and white, and the dotted pattern has full dots, plum blossoms and other shapes.
But the surface pattern is the pattern taken, the pattern will be slightly different according to the size, we will adjust it according to the beauty of the pattern.

2. The color of the edging strips are black, pink, gray, brown, etc., generally black edging. If there is a colored edging, communicate with the customer service and make a note.
There is also a simple seam, the simple white line seam is beautiful and generous, and does not affect the overall effect. Buyers in need, please note the simple seam.

3. Due to the certain shrinkage of the raw materials during the production process, plus all the manual cutting and sewing, there is a certain size error, the small size is about 1-2cm, and the larger size error may be relatively more. But will try to control within the standard range
Especially for the customized large size, the error of about 3cm in the large size of 4-5 meters in length is within the standard range.If the buyer is 100% accurate in the size, please be careful

4. Due to the different computer screens, the color will have an error within a certain range.


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