Simple nordic yellow gray geometric wave living room blackout curtain partition door curtain small window dt0456

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Smooth hand feeling, good drape, good wrinkle resistance
Environmental protection and pollution-free digital printing, the color is bright and does not fade 
The shading performance is about 60%, which neither affects normal lighting, but also has good shading properties ‧Suitable for living room
For stronger shading, you can buy shading lining

A variety of sizes, suitable for small windows or large windows, and also suitable for door curtains and partition curtains

A set contains 2 pieces on the left and right sides
Curtain head: The default curtain head (circle) is punched, please refer to the first paragraph

Material: Blended linen material (100% polyester)

[Buy curtain size]
Need to measure the width and height of the window, because the curtain can not be fully opened on the pole, the curtain head has certain folds, generally the actual width of the purchase = the width of the window x 1.5 times or 2 times, you can be more beautiful and generous 2- 3 times

The error of 3-5cm in manual cutting belongs to the normal range



Curtain head: The curtain head (rings top) of perforated craft is issued by default in our shop, which is style1 in the picture below.

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