jd0001 automatic vacuum sealer food sealer plastic sealer dry/wet/oil/powder general household packaging machine small commercial vacuum machine


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Each one will send 10 20*25CM vacuum pattern bags, one outer tube, you can directly contact customer service if you need it!
Single box size: 40*12*19cm
外箱尺寸:60*42*41CM 黃包  58*42*41 彩盒
Machine net weight: 1.25kg
Machine with packaging weight: 1.65kg
The above dimensions and weights are all manually measured, there will be some error values!

The company's vacuum packaging machine is guaranteed for 1 year!

The model is suitable for home use, small business, one-key automatic vacuum sealing type, single sealing, point pumping and external pumping functions, the machine voltage is 110-220V universal.

Please note: This machine is a fully automatic vacuum sealing machine, and it can also be used for sealing alone.This machine cannot vacuum liquid.Vacuuming requires that the bag be a textured vacuum bag (the inside of the bag has a mesh pattern). We have food-grade textured bags available for sale at high temperatures and can be refrigerated!

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