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Limited time offer! Buy VIP membership for 3 months and get 1 months free 

[Platform synchronization data service + product publication + shipping service]
0 cost, no inventory, 1 piece starting batch, 1 piece sent on behalf, sell first, get the goods later

We provide a one-stop service for the sale of household goods. We will synchronize all the products to your shop, and we will launch new products every week, saving you the time of finding goods, putting them on the shelves, and shipping them. We also have one-to-one coaching, which is suitable Large and small sellers, part-timers, youtubers, treasure mothers, group owners, students...Focus on sales and spend time on "customers"!

【Provide services】
New platform data synchronization (including pictures, product content, quantity, specifications)
Hot new products every week
One-piece delivery
Shipping service
Picture package download
One-on-one tutoring
Goods are available from stock, shipped within 48hrs
[Commodity data synchronization process]
1. Bring your own "Shrimp" and "Lazada" accounts
2. Purchase service: After completion, contact online customer service to bind the store
3. Data concatenation: Your data verification is required for the first concatenation, please contact us
4. Commodity synchronization is completed: you can customize the price of the commodity~
5. The store is now on sale

【Shipment Service Process】
1. The order is coming: the system automatically synchronizes the order
2. Single payment/stored value payment
3. When the manufacturer ships, the system returns the logistics order number
4. The buyer receives the goods
5. The platform allocates funds to your Shopee account

1. This service cannot be cancelled, replaced or refunded if it is sold.
2. You need to provide the platform account + password to do the background synchronization service.
3. Do not change the password during synchronization, if you want to change the password!Please let me know first.
4. The service validity period is calculated after the synchronization of the product is completed.
5. The categories, prices, pictures and specifications of all commodities can be modified by themselves.
6. Provide a list of product off-shelf, which can quickly update the product. The sales volume of the product is large, and the actual inventory sometimes has a gap. Please forgive me.
7. The service can be renewed after the service expires. After the service is over, the goods will be reserved, but no new goods will be added.
8. The platform's questions about me, taxation, customer complaints, cash flow, legal and other issues need to be handled by themselves.
9. We are unable to contact the buyer's question and answer, we need your reply.
10. To purchase this service, please agree to the above rules!